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Respect, fairness and honesty are the governing policies of our business.


make the difference

We believe in the value and importance of each individual and will try to recognize each person's unique contribution. We will expand our business to provide continuing opportunities.

Respect and mutual support is vital. Open and direct communication is consistent with the concern for respect and support.

We will keep the minimum structure necessary for orderly business - and will work as a team committed to our mission.

We will conduct our business in compliance with the law and without risk to the safety or health of our employees or others.

Excellence in quality and service

Since 1893

We believe in excellence. Our success will rest on providing excellent services through people motivated by the opportunity for advancement, recognition, and financial reward.

Quality must be the first measure of our business. Excellent value at a competitive price is an essential ingredient of quality.

Service our customers can count on. Our commitment to serving our customers' needs must be total. We must assure that our customers succeed.

Profits to build the future

We will be profitable. Profits allow us to weather hard times, to invest in new opportunities, and to share with contributing employees and the community.